Episode 16 with Former Worship Leader and Podcast Host Debi Winrich

In episode 16 I sit down with former worship leader and podcast host Debi Winrich. We discuss her transition from worship leader at a non denominational church into a liturgical Lutheran church, her podcast the Soul of Christianity, and the concept of vocation.

To learn more about Debi’s podcast, The Soul of Christianity, you can follow along on twitter or instagram.


Reforming Worship from White Horse Inn
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Virgil Wander by Leif Enger

Music in this episode is composed by Kelly Winrich for the Soul of Christianity podcast.

Episode 15 with Author and Speaker David Zahl

In Episode 15 I sit down with author and speaker, David Zahl. We discuss his new book Seculosity: How Career, Parenting, Technology, Food, Politics, And Romance Became Our New Religion And What To Do About It, his writing process, and his ministry with Mockingbird.

To learn more about David and the work he is involved with you can follow Mockingbird on twitter, facebook, or instagram, or join him on the Seculosity Tour.

A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole
”Triptych” by Roxy Music

Law & Gospel: A Theology for Sinners (and Saints)
Workism is Making Americans Miserable” by Derek Thompson

Music in this episode is by The Orange Effect.

Episode 14 with Theologian, Author and Speaker Chad Bird

In Episode 14 I sit down with theologian, author, and speaker Chad Bird. We discuss the writing process, routines that have helped him foster his writing skills, the importance of creating honest art, and his new book Upside-Down Spirituality: The Nine Essential Failures of a Faithful Life.

To learn more about Chad and his work you can visit him at ChadBird.com, follow him on twitter, or explore some of his work on the Old Testament through the podcast 40 Minutes in the Old Testament and The Old Testament Unveiled videos.


The Temple and the Church’s Mission: A Biblical Theology of the Dwelling Place of God by G.K. Beale

photo by Doug Klembara

Episode 12 with photographer, gallery director, art educator, and curator Sherri Littlefield

In episode 12 I sit down with gallery director, photographer, art educator and curator Sherri Littlefield. We discuss the process of curation and how that might be applied to the preparation of a worship service. If you’d like to learn more about Sherri and her work, you can visit SherriLittlefield.com. You can also see the work from Treat Gallery’s, Treat American Project at two separate exhibitions in New York City featuring work from Brenton Little, Bubblegum & Whiskey, and 48 other fantastic artists.

January 9th - January 13th
Foley Gallery, 59 Orchard Street NYC
opening reception January 9th at 6pm.

February 8th - February 17th
OSNY Project Space, 417 W. 57th Street NYC
opening reception February 8th at 7pm.

The Guest Suggests:
The Office
The Jealous Curator Podcast
Art galleries: ClampArt & The Border
American Society of Media Photographers

Episode 10 with writer, historian, and storyteller Dr. Dan van Voorhis

Episode 10 with writer, historian, and storyteller Dr. Dan van Voorhis

In episode 10 I sit down with writer, historian, and storyteller Dr. Dan van Voorhis. We discuss his books Monsters and Johann Arndt: A Prophet of Lutheran Pietism as well as his creative process. If you want to learn more about Dan you can visit his website DanvanVoorhis.com, 1517legacy.com, follow him on twitter @dan_vanvoorhis , or tune into his podcast Virtue in the Wasteland.