Liturgical Design is meant to help shape the way your congregation views and practices liturgy. Our goal is to leave congregations with the tools and resources to better communicate the gospel through their liturgy. This may include an update in liturgy through art, design and hymn arrangements, or education and training around the importance of liturgical practices that are both Biblically accurate and historically rooted. 

Through the course of a three phone meetings and a site visit we will lead you through a process to discover your vernacular liturgy. We will explore theology, traditions, neighborhood and much more to establish what rhythm your gatherings will adopt. While our process is unique to the needs of each church body we work with, you can expect to work with us through the services below. 

Initial call

We begin with one to two conversations either over Skype or the phone.

This communication helps us get to know your church, your setting, your team and assess your needs.

Site visit

We will join you on the ground in your context to observe your community.

During this period, we will work through and implement some of the practices and strategies discussed. 



After assessing and seeing your needs in person, we will assist you in designing your liturgy and connect you with any resources we believe can help you better your liturgical design.

These resources may include designers, photographers, website developers, etc.  


A few weeks after the site visit, we will schedule a follow-up call to talk through changes, roadblocks, and possible next steps.

Additional calls may be scheduled as necessary for an additional fee.