CommunionArts exists to equip churches with training and creative resources and empowers artists to create fulfilling works that enrich their communities.  

We recognize the current tension between liturgy and contemporary worship, and we believe that the moral and spiritual value does not lie within any chosen worship medium, but within the words, message and theology communicated. While a specific medium may clearly relate to a specific congregation, our choices between organ, guitar, choir or praise team do not need to play into the value of the message presented.

We believe knowledge of God’s grace taught to us through the Holy Scriptures frees us to creatively present the gospel through our worship and liturgy. It’s our goal to help congregations think beyond high liturgy and low liturgy. We want to help people creatively think through their services, and guide them in a way that both honors their past and creatively explores the future while staying faithful to a theology of law and gospel.



Blake Flattley is a singer, songwriter, liturgist, and worship leader.

Blake believes when done correctly, liturgy draws us to Christ and preaches the message of the gospel. He is passionate about helping churches understand and integrate liturgy into their services in a life-giving way.

Blake has spoken at Worship Arts Leadership Institute, Wiki FiveTwo, Atlantic District Festival of Workshops, and Christ Hold Fast. He’s led worship at Here We Still Stand, Christ Hold Fast, NADCE Conference, the Worship Arts Leadership Institute, Atlantic District Festival of Workshops, and several other events. He’s also served on the staff of churches in Southern California, Houston, and New York City.

In 2015, Blake was a John Lennon Songwriting contest finalist for his song "There Will Be Rest" in the Gospel/Inspirational category. He is also the Artist Relations Director for Winter is on My Head, an organization of artistically-minded people striving to make the world a better place through music compilations created to help organizations raise money for their communities.