The Beauty of Seasons

I don't think I fully appreciated seasons until I moved to New York City. Previously I had spent most of my adult life in Southern California where there is essentially always some variation on a nice day. Sure there's rain and it can be a little hot or overcast, but in general the weather was fairly similar year round. When we moved to New York our approach to life changed. At certain times in the year the boots and jackets work their way back into the closet and the t-shirts and swimsuits go away. The hose is drained and bags of salt are prepped for the approaching snow and winter.

Not only do we physically prepare for the change of season, but our bodies seem to desire the change. At the end of winter we cannot wait for spring. There is something about the change of seasons that helps us to reset. To move from our current patterns to new ones, giving times of rest and renewed energy. 

The seasons of the church calendar do exactly this. Affording us time of lament, celebration, reflection and anticipation. With each season comes a freshness and renewed meaning. Each year, we know what to expect. Every fall we know the leaves will change color, but they are never any less beautiful. We know what seasons are coming and they help us find right rhythms in life.