In 1517 Martin Luther began the reformation when he posted his 95 theses that eventually brought about one of the most impactful changes in church history, the publication of the Bible in the vernacular of the people. 500 years later, the Word of God continues to be translated into the language of people everywhere making the Gospel easily accessible and understood. 

Our mission as CommunionArts, in the spirit of the reformation, and during this 500th anniversary year, is to do the same with art, contextualizing art and working with local artists across the globe to explore and make available their works for use in the local church.

Churches desire to use culturally aware art to help their communities connect more with the message of Christ, but struggle with budgets and resources to express their message in a way that reaches their entire congregation and community. This desire is attainable, but the challenge has been connecting the Church to artists. Artists have the ability to weave experiences, information and emotion into music, paintings, and written work that connect differently than a good sermon. Unfortunately, throughout the modern church each group, churches and artists, has struggled to discover and understand how each needs the other. 

CommunionArts uses a simple to understand website to connect artists and churches, to create services, events, and art that allow communities to experience the gospel.

We don’t provide a prescription for "the right way to do things” instead, we’ve partnered with a variety of excellent, artists, liturgists and theologians from around the globe to provide free resources for the local church to select from to use in their context and walk with them as they seek to serve and connect with their community.

We’re asking you to join us in our effort to equip the church with training and creative resources and empower artists to create fulfilling works that enrich their communities by pledging a monthly contribution. 

We’re looking for 95 individuals or organizations to commit to a monthly gift of $15.17 or more for one year.

Help us change the way the church engages with art and connects to their communities. 



1. The first 95 people to give will get one of our new CommunionArts journals. 

2. During the 31 days of this campaign, you will have the opportunity to win some cool prizes including, books, music and pint glasses. At the end of every week 15 donors will be selected at random and announced on social media (so please be sure to follow us on twitter, Facebook and instagram).

3. An ongoing supply of free resources and of course, our eternal gratitude accompanied by a warm fuzzy feeling.