100 Pints | 100 Partners

The work we do with local congregations and artists around the country, and the resources we produce are made possible by your financial support. Thank you! This Fall, we are looking for 100 people to partner with us by committing to give $10 or more per month. As a thank you gift, we'll send you one of our liturgical calendar pint glasses (great for seasonal beer...), and in the spirit of Giving Tuesday, Thanksgiving and uh...Halloween?...we'll be giving away a special treat with it. Each week it will be something new, and we promise, no tricks. 

THIS WEEK, when you become a new subscribing supporter we'll send you one of our snazzy pint glasses as well as The Sinner / Saint Devotional! So, help us fund new resources, get free stuff, and partner with us to give away free resources! It only takes $10 a month!

With your new $10 a month subscription for the next year, we'll create: 

  • 12 New song resources

  • 12 new podcast episodes

  • 2 seasonal devotionals 

  • Live events

  • And much more!